Cheap Razor Blades

Cheap Razor Blades are coming to a mail box near you.

In fact it may be your mail box. Or your friends mail box.

The great thing isn’t just the convenience of that but the price too. Razor Blade Club is out of the gate and running to place as the big razor suits watch them lather up their new club for member shavers. We’re looking for any savvy guy who’s ready to shave cash while smoothing that mug said a PR Razor Blade Club spokesperson. We know you’re sick of paying the high costs associated with the razor razor blade corporate mantra. We want to be their for the working joe. To shave the world one face at a time. And we’re going to have some fun doing it. Our cheap razor blades are only cheap in price not in value. Our razor blades are very comparable to the Big Blade Corps. What a great time to make this happen, years ago you just couldn’t level the playing field with them. Now we’re not just going to level it but dig a foxhole and defend our members rights to shaving cash , a great shave, and put those savings back in their pockets.