Women’s Shave Club

Women’s Shave Club

A hit for Women shave cash every month.

womens shave club

This woman’s shave club just keeps growing. The revolution is on!

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It wasn’t long after opened it’s doors to men in the USA and Canada that soon the women in their lives wanted a piece of the shave cash revolution. Earlier this month started taking orders from the women too. Their exclusive subscription club for cheap in price, high in quality razor blades monthly plan is catching on. And it’s catching on with the women even faster than the men said a spokesperson.

Everyday we see an increase in the demand for women wanting to get our monthly subscription deal. And now it’s not just another subscription site but an exclusive club their joining. Girls know when they see a deal in saving money since they do most of the shopping for the men in their lives. This is just another hassle free way of getting a good quality shave not just for men but for them too. In fact women shave almost if not more than men now.

We want to revolutionize the razor blade industry with our monthly subscription site. We want women to have the same great shave and not be subjected to the high costs of the big brand names out there. see women as a driving force behind this razor blade revolution. The girls have been using monthly subscription sites for quite a while now and know the advantages in becoming a member with us. It’ll be interesting to see if the women take over the site soon in numbers. Could this just be a beehive of events? We’ll wait and see.

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