Cheap razor blades coming to Canada. Razor Blade Club launching

High Cost Razor Blades In Canada? What’s A Canadian To Do? Razor Blade Club is going north to rescue the day.

A new cheap razor blades alternative to saving on those high razor blade costs is coming to Canada first. Yes, you heard that right, Canada. Our Great White North neighbors up there.

More on why they picked Canada as their launch further down. Here’s what they’re saying.

We all hate paying large cash for those razor refills. But with a monthly subscription from a membership based shave club like You’ll get great cheap, brand name quality razor blades mailed to your door each month. So, that’s convenient and easy because you go to your mailbox anyways. And because your membership is cheap enough per month
you can change out a razor blade cartridge each week. Which means you always are
using a sharp clean blade for a great good close shave. You also save on toilet paper
costs because you no longer have to tear off pieces in the morning to stop the
bleeding from those nicks created from that dull razor blade you just shaved with,
because it was too expensive to throw away and you just don’t have the time to go to the
store to get more and spend big cash and the gas, (not like gas has gone down in price either) doing it. And when you do get to the store and we know this happens also. You forget to write them down on your to get list, or your partner didn’t know you ran out. Then when you get back, put your key in the door. Open it. Turn off the alarm. Then it hits you.
SH*T!. I forgot blades again!

We’re just saying, your human & it’s one last thing to think about…
Razor Blade Club | Now you’re shaving & saving. Who’s the Razor Genius now?

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