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Cheap Razor Blades Online But Brand Name Quality.’s cheap razor blades online launch date coming soon.

When opens up this Spring it’s sure to be a hit with those who are sick of paying the high costs associated with the razor blade refills men need to stay shorn. The online shave club for men and the women who use their mens razors promises to give you a cheap priced razor blade without sacrificing the quality. What we’re hearing from those who shave daily is that they like the idea of their razor blade refills each month in their mail boxes. Men lead busy lifestyles now and it’s the 21st century the internet has to be part of their lives so it’s a perfect fit for them said a Razor Blade Club spokesperson. Believe or not the plans are to launch in Canada first. We asked Razor Blade Club why Canada? Response: We know USA would of been the logical choice but we feel that Canadians too deserve the chance to get on board something that is not only going to revolutionize the way they get their razor blades but to be able to cut out those long waits getting their online purchases delivered to them. We’ve set up a new novel way to get Canada members their first subscription order of razor blades in a very short delivery time frame. Said their spokesperson. Delivery time is very important to us. We’ve listened to Canadians and their main issue is cross-border holdups. There is going to be absolutely no cross-border delays with any shipments of’s excellent quality razor blade refills, you can shave on that! I guess, we will just have to see how it all plays out. In the meantime the Great White North gets a break first.

So when will they launch in the good ole USA? They have plans for that too. Read on…

Razor Blade Club Is Closed. Thank you for your past support. Dismiss