Cheap Womens Razor Blades

Cheap womens razor blades

are now a reality thanks to ‘s monthly subscription service. It’s just over $5 bucks a month to get 4 blades and a handle to start with delivered straight to your powder room girls. That’s right, just over $5 bucks a month. It’s probably one of the only #subscriptionBoxes like services on the internet that will actually shave you cash each month. You know how expensive it is to buy those name brand blades. has the same quality and they only offer a 3 blade cartridge which they explain about why they chose that on their website. They aren’t real fancy, but they are honestly going to save you some purse money in the long run, that’s for sure. Did we mention their #Razors are also good for the other sex too? What a great gift idea that would make. Since most guys are just plain lazy about signing up to a #SubscriptionBox style site. Enjoy the shavings!

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