dollar shave club reviews

Dollar Shave Club Reviews and other 2015 resolutions for cheap razor blades


There’s a lot of reviews out there for shave clubs. Whether it’s a dollar or more it’s still a deal to get a subscription. is one of those dollar like shave clubs out there helping you save while giving you a great shave.

If you are going to make one resolution this year, make it a subscription to a shave club that will save you cash each month and throughout the year. It’s a great way to put more into that wallet and purse. ‘s subscription is $5 bucks a month and you get a handle the first month and then 4 cartridges will come after that each month. They use a 3 blade cartridge that is the most popular throughout the world. It’s one last thing to think about while out shopping. Usually we forget the new sharp blades we need. is also cheap enough that you can swap out an old dull blade once a week. Check out the reviews online and maybe this may be a good fit for you and your budget this year.

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