is there a dollar shave club for women

Is there a dollar shave club for women ?

Well no, we’re not exactly a dollar shave club. But we are a shave club that is on the razors edge of a revolution shaving the nation. Razor Blade Club will not only shave you cash each month but you’ll get a quality handle and 3 blade cartridges mailed to your door. Do you really think you’ll get a clean smooth shave for a dollar? You’re more savvy than that. We’re an exclusive club that has done the research into what is the fine balance in the number of blades to use for an optimal shave. Our lady members agree that it is 3 blades. It’s easy to become a member. You can start, pause, or gosh forbid even cancel at any time. No long term contracts here. You are in total control of your shaving destiny. Visit us and see for yourself.

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Razor Blade Club Is Closed. Thank you for your past support. Dismiss