dollar shave club number one

No it’s not but another no name razor blade club making waves these days by being number 2 in the online razor blades war lately. Just like Coke Pepsi, Smarties and Skittles or Catapillar and John Deere. enters the scene. And it’s a simple concept.

Have you noticed lately that they mimic each others slogans? Is that dollarshaveclub or razorbladeclubs slogan that came first. Like the chicken and the egg thing.

So who is Well they say it’s just a fly by night startup that launched first in Canada. And is poised to enter the good old USA later this FALL. Is concerned? We think not at the moment. But just like Coke they do need competition on their own front they say. Maybe it’s different, maybe the same. But all in all it’s going to be a showdown for sure. Can the big bucks of beat out the competitor and low budget Everyone in the meantime is signing up for the savings from both. Let’s see.

Canadian National News Optimist

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