Frequently Asked Questions

: Does ship to the USA also?
Answer: No. We did but that became too expensive for us We are in Canada. We just can’t make it cheap enough to ship to you in the USA yet. When we can, we’ll do it.

Question: Why is so cheap?
Answer: Well here’s the quick answer. A couple of humans run┬áthis website from web design to shipping. Not a corporation. Most of what is making us famous is you telling someone else how to save money on shaving razor costs by joining us. We aren’t pretty and gimmicky but we do save your money. Oh ya… we may not be that sharp in picking up our spelling mistkaes either but our razors are sharp. We are always trying to streamline things in order to keep costs down.

Question: How long will it take to get my order in Canada?
Answer: Once in the mail, it takes about 3 days.

Question: Can I return my order?
Answer: Since our products are hygienic oriented we don’t allow any returns. You will have to log into your account you created and cancel your subscription. It’s all about cleanliness.

Question: How many blades is each cartridge?
Answer: You receive 4 cartridges per month and each cartridge carries a 3 blade razor refill

Question: Will you replace a handle if I break or lose it?
Answer: Yes, but our handles are pretty sturdy. Your dog either chewed on it or maybe you want 2 handles?

Question: Are the  handles and razor blades for men and women?
Answer: Yes, we are unisex and we have both beauty and beasts ordering a subscription from us. We make a great post secondary education gift also.

Question: Will be adding more products to add to my subscription soon?
Answer: Yes, we plan on adding products that compliment our subscription offering. But trust us, it won’t be a 10 blade cartridge!

Question: Can I order but ship to another address so someone else gets gifted?
Answer: Yes we can do that. Just send us an email after you sign up. We will then adjust the shipping information. Or add it yourself in your control panel.

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