Gillette quality razor blades in Canada

Canadians will soon get Gillette quality razor blades in Canada

As a Canadian it can be hard to get the deals that our neighbors to the south get. A lot of times you have to pay duty on items bought across the line. So a new start up wants to give Canada a break in the razor blade refills game. will offer monthly subscriptions at a reasonable cost. It will be another thing men don’t have to bother remembering to get at the store. The blades will be brand name quality comparable to Gillette without the high brand name price. Shipping times will be faster because they are shipped with in Canada for Canadians. This is a big break for men to get on the subscription based bandwagon. It’s convenient and hassle free. A close shave are what Canada men are after and Razor Blade Club says their razor blade refills will deliver that.

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