How it Works

This Is What You’ll Receive Every Month
A Sweet Sleek Ergonomic Razor Blade Handle (your first month) , nicely weighted and 4, count’em 4 blades a month.
Here’s A Review Of What You Get.

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I May Already Be A Genius Razor Blade Club…..
But Tell Me Anyways Why So Many Are Joining & How It All Works…

It’s Simple To Join! You Sign Up & You’re In The Club. That’s The Hardest Part. And This Shave Club is Cheap.
But Cheap To Us Doesn’t Mean We Send Out A Cheaply Made Blade & Crappy Handle.
Cheap in the way of frugal. Savvy shopper cheap.

For Just $5  bucks a month you will throw away that expensive shaver and become a member of an elite troop of like minded members who shave and save with us each month.
Be on the forefront of a razor blade revolution shavers. Be the razor! Own the razor!

We also know that you are sick & tired of paying those high prices for brand name razor blades. Our razors will give you a great close shave everyday of the week. We mail out quality blades every month to your doorstep. No more “Razor Cartridge Refill Price Shock!”

“And our razor blades and the handles are also made right here in North America! “

You can ” Register ” without becoming a member yet by clicking the “My Account” link up top. Later when you log into your account you can begin, suspend or cancel your membership.Or Become A Member Right Away by Joining Here  We want to honestly shave you, your friends and family members. And at the same time save you some serious cash. 

When you join we then quickly get your first order together and packaged up. We realize you hate to wait weeks to get something after you order it. Your first month will come with an ergonomic handle that fits our 3 blade easy load, quick click release, pivoting head, lubricated cartridges. After your first month you start receiving 4 cartridges a month.

Step 3? There Is No Step Three. We just know you’ll like us. We DO want you to shave and save each and every month. And we would love to have you as a Member. Come join the shaving revolution with other like minded members. Many join and save everyday. You will too.Sign Me Up To A New Way Of Shaving While Saving Here are just some of the reasons why everyone is choosing the Revolution.

  • Discover a new and exciting way to shave cash. Your friends will love the new frugal you.

  • So cheap that you can swap out that dull blade each week and feel absolutely no $Anxiety.

  • A free ergonomic razor blade handle to fit our blades comes with your first month order.

Stay Fashionably Up to Date
With a focus on fashion and culture and laziness, we curate blades that keep you looking your best.
Be on the cutting edge of technology with our state of the art to your door delivery system. Make your friends envious.

  • Always a fresh blade available. No dull blade nicks and cuts.

  • Flexible cancellation at any time policy. Just log in to cancel or suspend your account. Or send us an email and we will do it for you.

  • No more last-minute runs to the inconvenience store.

  • Freedom from the big corporations.

  • Avoid the product display death stare as you look at the price of razor blade refills in the stores.

No-Hassle Commitment
We value your time and have purposely worked hard to make this service to you as hassle-free as possible.

  • Automatic monthly shipments.

  • Pay with any major credit card or Paypal. ( You don’t need a PayPal account to join and pay)

  • Stay as long as you like. Or leave fast.

  • Suspend or Cancel your account.

  • You say when to join.

  • You say when to cancel.

  • We won’t hold you to any long term contracts. Unlike that gym you joined :}

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We are sure you’ll love our quality razor blades each month. And you’ll like the convenience also.

  • Quality sharp blade construction. North American Titanium <=== yes, we mean North America.

  • A good clean close shave. Pivoting head with great rinse out design.

  • Not tested on animals. As far as we know :)

  • Einstein engineering. Ergonomic  and balanced handle. Quick new blade swap out.

Razor Blade Club Is Closed. Thank you for your past support. Dismiss