Ladys Shave Club

Lady’s Shave Club

Lady’s Shave Club┬álineup grows. Thousands of lady’s are joining #RazorBladeClub to not only save money on those expensive razor blades but to have a club of their own. is for ladies who shave and save. A RazorBladeClub spokesperson recently was quoted as saying that as the lineup grows it’s taking them longer to fill orders in a timely manner. started out as a men’s only club but switched early to fill a void in the lady’s subscription boxes market. They felt that the lady’s were being shut out of the #cheaprazorblade revolution that was happening then so they said let’s give the lady’s a chance to jump on board and see what happens. Right now their monthly razor blade subscription rate is $5 dollars per month plus shipping. With that you will get an ergonomic razor blade handle and 4 razor blade cartridges that have 3 blades in them. Why do they only offer a 3 blade cartridge? Well, they explain that on their website at


Razor Blade Club Is Closed. Thank you for your past support. Dismiss