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Monthly Subscription Boxes Canada

Finally a subscription box that saves you money each month. Women in Canada will shave and save monthly the Razor Blade Club way. Subscription boxes are all the rage and Razor Blade Club delivers on shavings.

We are a subscription boxes in Canada like club that shaves you cash on a great cheaper price for your razor blades each month. Each month you will be mailed a little package with our budget friendly razor blades. They are so cost effective you can swap out a dull old blade for a new one every week. You first monthly shipment comes with an ergonomic handle and 4 cartridges with 3 blades each.  So what are you waiting for? A monthly subscription boxes site for women it just makes sense. We are based in Canada so no cross border shipping issues with our subscription club for women.

subscription boxes for women

Razor Blade Club Is Closed. Thank you for your past support. Dismiss