Shave club for women in Canada getting attention

Shave club for women Canada It may sound a lot like the dollar shave club in the states but this one is sure to shave you money as they say. aims to be the shave club that all women will want to try out as a subscription that arrives monthly. Women are ordering not […]

Razor Blades Delivered Monthly

Razor Blades Delivered Monthly Razor Blade Club finishes their first year of getting those low cost blades to your doorstep. adds value to your hard earned dollars. They want to stretch your money into a good close clean shave without breaking the bank. Can you imagine that those razor blade cartridges are on the […]

dollar shave club reviews

Dollar Shave Club Reviews and other 2015 resolutions for cheap razor blades   There’s a lot of reviews out there for shave clubs. Whether it’s a dollar or more it’s still a deal to get a subscription. is one of those dollar like shave clubs out there helping you save while giving you a […]

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