Razor Blade Club goes viral before initial launch

It’s been only 1 month since Razor Blade Club had a pre-launch promo and party for their new razor blade club subscription based site. But the pre-sign up has been over whelming for this new business that is getting ready to open in the next few months. Razor Blade Club staff said ” We see a great demand brewing for Razor Blade Club, our pre-sign ups have been more than expected. This has been a real eye opener for us and now we have to re-think our inventory to meet demand. Razor Blade Club is also offering a chance to get 6 months free worth of razor blade refills. We asked them what else is in the works as far as start up. We will be having plenty of reasons to jump on board fast says their campaign manager. Like we said before, we plan on shaving not just happy customers’ stubble but also the costs involved with expensive razor blade refills.


Razor Blade Club Is Closed. Thank you for your past support. Dismiss