Razor Blade Scraper? You might as well use one for your face!

That’s if you aren’t in RazorBladeClub.com yet.

Resorting to using that razor blade scraper sitting in your old toolbox? The one you used for scraping off paint on the window because you were lazy to tape it up first?

Well you my friend are our type of guy. Razorbladeclub.com is the right club for you. Join our monthly razor blade subscription club for great well priced razor blade refill cartridges and you will not only shave cash on a good shave everyday but you won’t have to worry about dull blades either. We deliver right to your door. One razor blade a week. Yes! that’s 4 a month we suggest you use to be sure of a clean close shave. Come join the club today. It’s easy, you’ll be like an Einstein to your friends!

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Razor Blade Club Is Closed. Thank you for your past support. Dismiss