Razor Blade Sharpener, You Don’t Need That Anymore

Razor blade sharpener? Not with Razor Blade Club!

So you spent a lot of money on your razor blade cartridges. Now you need them to last.

Or you won’t make your rent this month if you have to go out and buy another pack of razor blade refills. Well we have a solution to that. We’re razorbladeclub.com and our razor blade refills are cheap enough in price that you can afford to get a monthly subscription. Get them mailed directly to your door and still save big cash. There’s a good feeling  just knowing that you can toss out one of our razor blade refills once a week and get a good clean shave. A feeling of freedom. Not being held hostage by the big guys! Convenience too is a key factor in joining our subscription club. You will think you’re an Einstein when your razor blade refill cartridges show up at your door magically once a month. And did we say we throw in a free handle with the first months order? Yeppers…

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Razor Blade Club Is Closed. Thank you for your past support. Dismiss