I need some more reasons…

Why do you only offer a 3 blade razor with my membership?

We could offer you a 2 blade razor but we knew that wouldn’t be good enough for our customers. 2 blades are usually cheaply made and go dull within 2 shaves. So why would we take the risk and disappoint you? 2 blades is usually a gimmick to draw you in, just to get you to upgrade later. Let’s just say that sounds like what the big brands do already with their cheap handles and high cost razor blade cartridges. We’re straight shooters here. Or should we say sharp shooters?


low cost razor cartridges


Well, why not a 5 or 6 blade cartridge then?

Do you really think 5,6 or 10 blades are going to make a difference? Either do we. In fact crazy. We’ve done the research and found that this is what happens when the Big Brands get into a razor blade war. They add more and more blades, up the price, keep the shareholders happy. A 4,5,6 blade razor is not going to shave you any closer. Just shave what’s in your wallet. We’re out to change your notions on what you need in order to get a good close shave around all those curves.

So what’s the magic number?
 We feel a good balance is 3. Three blade razor cartridges are the most popular shaving blade in the world. There’s a reason for that. They last longer than 2. They get into those tight close areas. And we can price them to fit your pocket book. Just the perfect blend. It’s this balance that makes the 3 blade razor the world’s most popular choice.

That’s why we offer just that, in fact Google it and do a little research. We did, and that’s why our razorbladeclub.com members are happy with our service.


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