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Razor Blade Club available in Canada, eh!

What does a new razor club have to do to be successful in Canada? Well RazorBladeClub.com seems to think they know what the right formula is.
Their razor blade refills will have a M3 style to their sharpness. So they’re banking on the fact you’ll get a good close shave and save a ton of money each year doing it.

And what else makes this razor club an easy pick to join if you’re Canadian? The fact that all they’re blades will ship within Canada’s borders. You won’t get any extra duties added to your monthly order says RazorBladeClub.com . We have heard time and time again how a Canadian orders online and then gets slammed with an additional duty at the border that they didn’t know about before ordering. It can be quite a shock to get that added on. Plus, your order has the potential of getting held up at customs too. Now it’s time and added cost. A double wammy for our Canadian friends. Not going to happen with RazorBladeClub.com . Your first order goes out as soon as you subscribe. You get your new handle and blades within a few days, not weeks like the cross border guys. Great things are happening here in Canada and we want to be part of the fun. Let us shave you Canada!……eh!

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