razor club for women

Razor Club For Women

Can a razor club for women save you money each month?

Why is there razor blade clubs for men but not women. Well razorbladeclub.com wants to change that with their new 3 blade shave club that caters to the women. We were getting rave reviews for our shaving blades and the ladies wanted to get on board too. In fact we were getting negative feedback about why we didn’t just open the club up to women who use a blade. They were saying that they wanted to join and save cash too. We thought it just made sense so voila! It’s done. Shaving clubs are not just for men anymore. RazorBladeClub.com lady members use our blades just as much as the men do. The girls actually cover a wider area with our razor blades said a razorbladeclub.com representative. They shave more area so that means that their blades will get dull faster too and because our razor blade club for women is a great price per month they can change that dull blade every week now. And they don’t have to get boy germs from their partners too. It just makes hygienic sense. Who’s the genius now? We think the women have something going on. RazorBladeClub.com welcomes all to their shave and save monthly razor blade club.

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