Shaving Razor Blades

Shaving razor blades that arrive in the mail.

And these shaving razor blades are what’s making so popular.

Lately I have noticed that my wallet was getting thinner while the price of shaving razor blades was getting fatter in price at my local shopping store. Yes, the price of shaving razor blades has climbed astronomically not economically in recent years. What’s a guy or gal to do about it? Well one solution might be RazorBladeClub’s new subscription or membership monthly site as they call it, that lowers the ¬†high costs of shaving blades. With you get shaving razor blades mailed out directly to you once a month. If you have a busy lifestyle or you’re the opposite this could be right up your alley. It’s just one more thing to not be bothered about anymore. And if you’re like most of us you probably forget buying blades at the same time as food and other necessities. And we just put up with that dull blade, or try to make it last longer because of the high cost of getting more. I like would like to spend my extra cash on steak at the store and not an extra $10 on shaving blades. Right now is rolling out their 3 blade cartridge that is pivoting for tight to get areas, lubricating for that baby face smooth feeling and designed for easy rinse out. The handle is ergonomically designed with a good weight to it too. There’s also a good chance that someone else will be trying out that new shaving blade. So be forewarned. just makes sense for this online buying digital age. Give them a try.

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