Shaving Razor Monthly

Shaving razors monthly and at a cost that beats the brand names.

When you get a membership you’ll get shaving razors monthly plus a great shave.

There’s no beating’s newest edition to their offer of a great shaving solution. You get a 3blade, pivoting head, lubricated strip cartridge that is so cost effective and great brand name quality that you can swap out a shaving razor once a week for a good clean shave every day. Check it out. OH! did we mention it’s just for Canada and USA members right now? Yes sir you heard it right. They decided to skip Europe. Why? they mentioned it was a way to reverse the whole marketing scenario. Just like they’re doing to the razor razor blade concept. Note: check out the razor razor blade concept and you’ll know what we mean. Anyways, it sounds good, sounds like they’ve got a winner. We’ll be back to review them at a later date also.

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