Why Razor Blade Club makes sense

Discount razor blades making their way into your mailbox.

Ever wonder why those razor blade refills are so expensive. Well Razor Blade Club knows why. And they are going to change that. When you sign up to Razor Blade Club’s subscription service they will send you the most used discount razor blade refills based on the majority percentage of men who use them. Do you really need a 6 blade razor blade. They are betting you do not. The PR department for Razor Blade Club also mentions that it will be a¬†convenient way to get what you know you will need all the time. It’s hassle free. How many times have you reached for that shaver and found out it’s a dull blade you are using and you have just nicked your face with it. You go to change that blade and you are out. Their service will put an end to that.

Razor Blade Club Is Closed. Thank you for your past support. Dismiss