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A great reason is cost and convenience. Razor blade refills have sky-rocketed up over 100% in price over the past 5 years.
And maybe that’s why you are here checking us out. Our razor blades are made here using top quality titanium. And they have a great design for a quick easy rinse. Pivoting head to follow the contours of your skin. Fast easy snap on and click off re-loading.
Membership is so cheap that you won’t have to hold on that old dull blade. So swap out your blade once a week.


A little more on why we started this Razor Blade Club site.

I don’t know how many times I had forgotten to get razor blade refills at the store and had to use my dull blade for another day.

Then I would repeat that same mistake again and again.When I did remember to get those blades on my shopping list. I would be shocked to see the prices. I hated the fact that the big name razor companies were gouging me. There had to be a better way and at the same time a way to make it less expensive and still get a quality blade. So then I thought ” If I wanted to save money on razor blade refills there had to be others thinking the same thing?  So I saved up a few bucks and created RazorBladeClub.com We take care of one more “Oh, I forgot to get those again” after you get home from the store. We make our membership costs cheap enough for you so you can save money for the future. Did you know there is a business concept out there that the big guys use for charging you more? It’s called the Razor Razor Blade concept. Check out the Razor Razor Blade Concept Here It’s a concept that sells you a product for a cheap price but the other piece is expensive. Just like a big name razor handle is inexpensive, you get used to it and now you go to buy more razor blade refills to fit that handle and they are outrageously expensive. That’s the formula they use to make big money. You’re smart, savvy and saving some cash is important to you.  Keurig the coffee pod machine company just tried the same business model with their 2.0 model and is now reversing it’s bad decision to use the razor razor blade business model. Check that article out HERE 

We don’t have a million dollar advertising budget. That’s why you won’t see any high priced celebrity faces on our club pages. But then if we did spend millions on advertising would we be able to give you a great low cost razor blade each month? The Big Boys Can’t!

This is where razorbladeclub.com comes in. We solve a problem. We hope you consider becoming a member. Shave Ca$h My Friend. customercare@razorbladeclub.com   We’re messing up the razor razor blade concept

Sick Of The High Costs Of Razor Blades Like Us? Become A Member Today & Shave Ca$h

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