Women join shave club for men

This shave club for men is different. Razor Blade Club gets the women to join the men in their quest for a cheap razor blade solution.

When RazorBladeClub.com opened up they first were catering to just the men out there with their unisex or generic solution to a high cost razor blade problem. Then  they decided that women are the real solution to not only tell their men what a deal is all about. But also women like to order that deal for them while they are watching their sports on TV or fixing the car. We talked to a RazorBladeClub.com representative and asked why the novel approach to a simple solution. Women are now the leading force behind subscription based sites and with our razor blade solution it fits both women and men out there. Both of them will get a great close shave at  a great low monthly  cost. Just go out to the store and compare them. And we deliver them right to your mail box each month. How great is that. Yes, we are a monthly subscription site that looks like it’s just for women, but a lot of our women are signing up for the men.

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Razor Blade Club Is Closed. Thank you for your past support. Dismiss