Women Razors

What is the best women razors. The solution might just be  RazorBladeClub.com

Womens razors can now be had through a subscription based site. Get your blades monthly.

The razor blade refills by the month site is now adding a co-ed styled razor blade handle to their offer of cheap razor blades with their monthly subscriptions. RazorBladeClub.com wants the girls to get in on the action of personal grooming products that get shipped to your mail box monthly. Of course most of our members are men but we wanted to offer our cost saving service to women also said a RazorBladeClub.com spokesperson. The women who sign up will get exactly the same service ¬†and products that the men do. And that right now means Canadian ladies get the first chance at a membership. We know that women might use less than 4 of our 3blade cartridges a month and we are looking to reduce that just for them. No price has been set yet but they said it will be real cheap. Hopefully the guys will tell the girls to get their own membership and we save a few relationships in the process they jokingly said. Does it make sense? As far as we can see it does! Women love subscription based sites and they are all the trend now. Women order make-up boxes, panties, chocolates and many other products on a monthly basis. So why not razor blade refills monthly. The women we spoke to about this site said they can’t wait for them to make it available to USA women. Those lucky Canadian girls get to join first? Well we’re jealous said Jennie Simpson from Washington but enjoy.

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